A few colleagues and I recently attended a workshop titled “Content Marketing: Moving Beyond Content Shock in Asia”. Speakers included Andrea Edwards, Nick Fawbert and Mike Jackson.

The session was highly informative. I’ve distilled some of my takeaways – particularly from Andrea Edwards’ talk – below, for easier reference in future. If you ever have the chance to hear these guys in a ‘live’ setting, go for it!

Our job as branded content experts

Our audience has a finite amount of time and they want to spend it on content that is relevant and meaningful for them. Are we delivering what they need and want, or what we need and want?

Our job as content marketeers is to create killer content that is relevant, meaningful, and meets the users where they are.

Focus on these 3 critical channels

The majority of content discovered by your audience comes from just 3 channels – e-mail, search and social. The best marketers focus their efforts on creating content that can be discovered across all of these.” – Michael Brenner, Marketing Insider Group

Oftentimes we overlook these three critical channels in favour of our in-house traffic drivers. Time to expand our horizons and be more focused at the same time. The 80/20 rule comes to mind here.

It’s all about the customer, the customer, the customer

Andrea Edwards pointed out something basic but woefully overlooked:

  • Who’s your customer?
  • Who/what influences your customer?
  • What’s the conversation you want to align your brand with?

Are we asking these questions honestly and consistently? Or are we taking things at face value because it makes our work simpler in the short-term? I am probably biased towards anything that has to do with customer research, but I truly believe that we do not understand our customers enough to deliver excellent campaigns.

Are you hungry for success?

Another point that Andrea Edwards brought up is our appetite for success. To paraphrase her:

Success requires energy. It requires a hunger, a sense of urgency – a true obsession to help customers…

The quality/intent of content is all that matters. Half-hearted content gives rise to ‘content shock’…

Do these qualities apply to all the work that we do? If not, how can we improve? These are questions every client-facing person should ask themselves honestly – and often.


Andrea Edwards: The Digital Conversationalist

Nick Fawbert: Mutiny Asia


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