3 key quotes from Mike Templeman:

Simply blogging to have a blog or updating social media for the sake of it won’t cut it anymore. You need to engage with your audience and tell them a story.

I wonder how often we do something just for the sake of doing it. Trying out new technology just because it’s new (and not because it will create value for the end user), writing for the sake of writing, adding ‘interactive features’ just because they are interactive (and not because any reader will bother to interact). We get caught up in the novelty of something, so much so that we fail to ask the basic question: how does this add value to the end user?

More and more consumers are consuming more content on tablets and mobile phones.  But really, if we’re still talking about optimizing for mobile, then we’re having the wrong conversation. This study is really telling us that everything must be mobile first. Design and create for mobile consumption.

We are still a long way off from a mobile first approach. Our primary mode is still to focus on desktop even though fewer readers use that nowadays. I wonder if the only way to break this ingrained mentality is to force everyone to work using tablets and smartphones from time to time.

Don’t just make content to make content. But rather, outline your customer’s journey and then create the content that will help move them from one stage to the next. If they’re using the content to make a decision, then ensure the content you provide is guiding that decision.

I first came across the concept of user journeys during UX training. Admittedly it is not something that I’m very clear about, but it makes sense to tailor content for different parts of the journey. If we can’t go that far, then at the least, we should plot out the user journey and identify where our content is supposed to go, and how can it amplified for maximum impact.

This all ties in with John Lavine’s message – engage your user and be strategic about it.


Forbes: Content Marketing Trends – What To Expect In 2017 And Beyond


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